Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, 2012 did not go as I anticipated. Mid-way through my path took a detour. As many of you know I'm going through treatments for breast cancer, of which I have been told my prognosis is good. I still have a way to go, but am looking forward to having a better 2013!

This detour has made me stop and reflect, more than I usually do, and I'm looking forward to seeing how my future unfolds as I hope this experience is giving me some more insight than I had before. I'm not sure how this will come through in my art, but I know it will somehow.

Most people know that birds are among my favorite subjects to paint—and for years I have heard people share some very personal reflections about their connections they have with them. For me it is also a deep, even spiritual connection—not only in painting, but also in my life, many experiences I have had resulted from this connection to birds, and nature.

Right around the time of my diagnosis I found a barn owl primary feather, while walking my dog (it's not where I would really imagine finding one), it felt like a sign from the universe that things will be okay. It may be silly, but I like the idea and for all the stories that people have told me over the years about how special birds are to them, I will take them as a good sign. Next time you come across a feather, I hope you smile.

I wish you all a Happy Healthy New Year!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holidays in Lambertville

"Vantage Point" watercolor © Beatrice Bork

Yesterday marked the opening of our 17th Annual Holiday show, a group exhibit of the house artists at Artists' Gallery. I have several pieces on display throughout the gallery as well as a few new prints and my 2013 Calendar. If you're in the neighborhood, please stop in! We have a wonderful group of 18 great artists with 18 different styles on display.

17th Annual Holiday Show:
Reception: Saturday, December 8, 4 – 7 pm
Exhibit Dates: Dec 7, 2012 – Feb 3, 2013
Artists' Gallery is located at 18 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ
Gallery hours: Fri/Sat/Sun 11 am – 6 pm
Phone us: 609.397.4588
Find us on:
We Are

Among the paintings I'm exhibiting is a new painting that I had started right before my diagnosis (breast cancer) that I feel was a foretelling/symbolic painting of sorts. It is a painting of a house sparrow, perched on a lamp-post at Lambertville Station. The bird has a unique "Vantage Point" at sunset—and in a way at the moment I finished the piece I was feeling that same way. My situation had me stop and look around, I had time to reflect—where I was and where I was headed. I am going through treatments and looking forward to the next chapter when I can enjoy a new sunrise.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Animals and Totems, reception cancelled

UPDATE: Unfortunately, our meet the artists reception this Friday, November 2, 5 – 7pm has been cancelled, due to "Sandy". A new reception date/time has yet to be determined. The exhibit will remain up until November 15th, (I would suggest calling the bank if you plan on stopping by to make sure their hours are back to normal: 609-397-0333)

“Animals & Totems” — Featuring my watercolor paintings and my father, Guenter Bork’s, hand-carved jewelry at the Gallery in The Bank of Princeton—Lambertville Branch.

Click here for more info about The Bank of Princeton, 10 Bridge St. Lambertville, NJ.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The "C" Word

I’ve spent quite some time thinking about whether I wanted to blog about this or not, but during this October awareness month I have decided that I would. Since this is a blog related mostly to my art, I intend to keep it that way—I thought I’d reflect on it from that point of view.

This past July I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and have been going through treatments ever since. The prognosis is good, so I’m very eager to try and get this behind me and continue with my life, I’m currently in a second round of chemo with a long road yet to travel.

So, those of you who follow my blog and website, may have noticed a lack of activity, and that is the case… I have not spent a great deal of time actually painting these days, but I have spent a lot of time reflecting about my art, it’s direction and what it all means to me. I have a lot of sketches, thoughts and reflection that I’m eager to see how this all translates back into my work. I feel as though I have perhaps an even deeper insight on what it is I want to accomplish.

I need to believe that everything has a reason, and am looking forward to seeing myself, and my art through to the other side.

I have tremendous support from my loved ones, close friends, and colleagues, but also from people I’ve only just met. I have heard stories from so many survivors and it’s given me strength. It has truly made me aware of how lucky I really am, and very grateful.

Monday, October 22, 2012

2013 Calendars

I'm pleased to announce that the 2013 Calendars are now available. See my website for image information and purchase: Click Here
The 2013 calendar features: Headbanger, Vantage Point, Go with the Flow, Pursuit, Run!, Glories, Sitting Pretty, Dog Days, Observation Post, Bandit, Fall Flyer, Coast Guard

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Animals & Totems

"Silent Flight" Barn Owl, watercolor © Beatrice Bork

Totem pendant jewelry, hard carved precious metal, © Guenter Bork

Featuring watercolor paintings by Beatrice Bork and
hand-carved jewelry by her father Guenter Bork
October 15– November 15, 2012
Reception November 2, 2012— 5:00 - 7:00 pm

The Bank of Princeton
Lambertville NJ Branch
10 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ

Photo of Totems © Steven Pennett

Monday, June 25, 2012

Positively Transparent

"Waylay in the Mango Tree" © Beatrice Bork
I'm working on arranging the paintings I'll be exhibiting in "Positively Transparent: Watercolor Meets Glass" at ArtWorks in Trenton NJ. This should be an exciting show with a talented group of artists. The exhibit will run July 21 – August 25. With an Opening Reception Saturday 4pm – 7pm.

I'm planning on showcasing 9 paintings, among them will be "Bees", which will be back from a tour with the Society of Animal Artists. It's travelled to Michigan, Virginia and Florida, and I'll be happy to display it here in my home state of New Jersey.  I plan on exhibiting paintings that have been inspired from Maine to the Caribbean. (Image: Waylay in the Mango Tree, species: Bananaquit, inspired in Trinidad).

More info. to come!

Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012

"The Attendant" Watercolor © Beatrice Bork

The Habitat Inhabitants exhibit at Artists' Gallery is now completed. I was quite pleased with our exhibit and the response to the work! Thank you all! Just to remind everyone that I have constant representation of my work at Artists' Gallery.

The Attendant depicts a scene of resting steer and their "attendant" the cattle egret in the foreground. It's a great relationship, as the cattle grazes they stir-up the insects which the egrets happily consume. It's one of the reasons the cattle egret's population is doing so well! This painting was featured on the July 1, 2010 cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

June 3, 2012... the closing

"Habitat Inhabitants" closes this weekend, and we're capping it off with a "Coffee and Conversation." This will be a more relaxed event with some sweets, coffee, and another chance to meet the artists (Michael Schweigart and me). All are welcome, June 3,  2-5pm at Artists' Gallery, 18 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Off to a new home...

"Scuffle at the Mill" House Finches © Beatrice Bork
"Scuffle at the Mill" one of the watercolors featured in Habitat Inhabitants "flew" off to its new home last week. It's so nice as an artist to meet and speak with the people who view and purchase the artwork.

The piece was inspired in Stockton, NJ at the Prallsville Mill. I used the angles and colors of the buildings to accentuate the birds and the mood of the piece. The show will be up until June 3 (Sun), and will close with a "Coffee and Conversation" event 2-5pm.  Artists' Gallery is located at 18 Bridge St., Lambertville NJ. Hours: Fri/Sat/Sun, 11am - 6pm.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Up and Running, May 2012

"Observation Post" © Beatrice Bork

The featured "Habitat Inhabitants" is up, the opening reception is over, and the exhibit is now in its 2nd week. So far it's been a great show! I enjoy seeing how both Michael Schweigart and my paintings "co-exist" in the feature room's space.

The exhibit runs thru June 3rd.

Artists' Gallery
18 Bridge St
Lambertville, NJ

Open Fri/Sat/Sun 11am – 6pm

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Habitat Inhabitants Opens

The paintings are up and all that's left to do is look forward to tonight's opening!

The paintings in the show (l-r): Dog Days, Waterbuffalo, Scuffle at the Mill (house finches) , Glories (American Goldfinch), Devoted (Labrador Retriever), RUN! (Gray Squirrel), Pursuit (Peregrine falcon with Rock Pigeons), Waylay in the Mango Tree (Bananaquit), Observation Post (House Wren), Romeo, Silent Flight (Barn Owl), Stalk Walk (Ring-necked Pheasant), Summer Plover (Piping Plover), Summer House at the Shore (Purple Martins), and in the display window Reality Check (House Finches)

These paintings can be seen in more detail on my website, or if your in the area, why not stop by the gallery to see the show plus more.  Artists' Gallery, 18 Bridge St., Lambertville, NJ 08530. Open Fri/Sat/Sun 11am-6pm.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


"RUN!" Gray Squirrel, watercolor © Beatrice Bork

This is a scene I've seen many times, yet it has only recently inspired me to paint it. This piece will also be included in my upcoming show... in one week! The time is speeding by.

Habitat Inhabitants
May 11 to June 3, 2012
Opening Reception: May 12, 5:00 to 8:00 pm
Artists' Gallery, 18 Bridge St. Lambertville, NJ

Saturday, April 28, 2012


"Pursuit" Peregrine Falcon with Rock Pigeons, watercolor © Beatrice Bork
"Pursuit" is the image I selected for the postcard for my upcoming exhibit "Habitat Inhabitants", I feel this particularly fits our theme of co-existance. I have long had the fascination with the idea that some animals are real survivalists, and while pigeons are well known for this, being "city birds"—I really wanted to focus on the peregrine falcon here.  With the help of conservation efforts it has really made a remarkable recovery (back from DDT pesticide poisoning), and  can now be seen adapting very well to habitats such as in cities like Philadelphia that I've chosen for the backdrop for the painting.

Featuring Beatrice Bork and Michael Schweigart 
May 11–June 3 2012
Opening Reception: May 12, 5–8pm
Artists' Gallery 
18 Bridge Street
Lambertville, NJ 08530 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Keeping a Theme

"Reality Check" watercolor © Beatrice Bork

As time draws nearer to the opening of the "Habitat Inhabitants" exhibit, there are many things to work on. First on the list is just keep painting, the press releases, post cards, etc.  and ultimately what paintings will be displayed that link to the theme of "coexistance of humanity with nature".

One of the pieces I have chosen for the show is "Reality Check". This piece was inspired by a trip to St. John the Divine Cathedral in NYC. The wonderful grotesques and adornments on the building are just wonderful and you could spend months just viewing them.  I took one look at the section of a doorway and had the idea of contrasting sculpture of birds with real birds. The species of birds I have depicted here also have a great story of their own and are true survivors.  House finches were once brought to the east coast from the western US and Mexico as pets, and in 1940 a few released birds from Long Island, not only survived but thrived. 

"Reality Check" fits the theme, it not only has a man-made setting, but man has also had a major influence on the history of these birds.

"Habitat Inhabitants" featuring: Beatrice Bork and Michael Schweigart
Location: Artists' Gallery, 18 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530
Exibit dates: May 11 – June 3, 2012
Reception: Saturday, May 12, 5 to 8 pm

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Habitat Inhabitants"—Save the date

The excitement is growing as the opening of "Habitat Inhabitants" is just around the corner!

Top Image: "Pursuit" © Beatrice Bork
Bottom Image: "Delaware Overlook" © Michael Schweigart

Art Exhibit: May 11 to June 3, 2012 
Artists’ Gallery, 18 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530 
Reception: Saturday, May 12, 5 to 8 pm

Accomplished artists Beatrice Bork and Michael Schweigart are excited to present “Habitat Inhabitants” at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville NJ, this May. Their paintings will visually explore the coexistence of humanity with nature, reflected in the transformation of landscapes and animals bringing joy and drama in some unlikely places.

Both Beatrice and Michael draw inspiration from the outdoors and the intricacies of their subjects. Michael’s landscape oil and acrylic paintings enamor the viewer with breath-taking detail and sense of atmosphere. His work finds the drama in both the beautiful vista, and turns the ordinary scene into the extraordinary. While Beatrice’s unique watercolors focus on animal subjects with stunning detail and dramatic background washes. With these artistic elements, Beatrice creates a feeling of the moment and a sense of revealing the inner thoughts of her subjects.
Artists' Gallery is open Friday/Saturday/Sunday 11am – 6pm, or by appointment.  For directions to the gallery please click here.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Horses, watercolor painting © Beatrice Bork 2012

I have finished and delivered the horses painting to a happy owner, and now pleased to show it here. These horses were great subjects, they all have different characteristics that was very important for me to portray accurately. I'm very proud that I was chosen to create this piece for the client.  The painting is around 50 x 30" framed, and certainly is a statement piece.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

update on Asa Wright Nature Center

After I finished posting my blog this morning, I was sent another article. The quarry has stopped production—for now. Here is the article from the Trinidad Express.

They're looking into the "visually intrusive mining" They've been "directed" to replant the area that can be seen from the Nature Center.  So I guess seeing it changed everything? 

Asa Wright Nature Center

Seven years ago I went to Trinidad for the first time. It was a magical place and my eyes opened to the diversities of this wonderful place. It was an opportunity that my love of creating paintings featuring birds afforded me. The Don Eckelberry Award, through the Society of Animal Artists, provided me with travel and 10 days at the Asa Wright Nature Center. I had a great time and in many ways it changed my life. I was sad to read an article the other day about how a quarry is now inching it's way closer and closer to the Nature Center. While I have been to Trinidad and Tobago a few times since my first trip in 2005, I have not been to the nature center in a few years. I'm not sure what the ecological effects are and will be, but can not imagine that this is good. Don Eckelberry was a bird artist who was one of the people instrumental in creating the Asa Wright estate into a nature center. This is a struggle that is difficult as it pits economy with ecology, for my 2¢ I hope that Trinidad recognizes an ecological treasure can last far longer than a quarry—after the land is stripped there's really nothing left.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Habitat Inhabitants

I'm gearing up for a feature show coming up in 2 months, time is flying! I'll be displaying some of the images here as we get closer to the show. Here is a copy of the press release:

"Habitat Inhabitants"
May 11 to June 3, 2012
Reception: Saturday, May 12, 5 to 8 pm
“Coffee and Conversation”: Sunday, June 3rd, 2 to 5 pm

Artists’ Gallery, 18 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ

Accomplished artists Beatrice Bork and Michael Schweigart are excited to present “Habitat Inhabitants” at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville NJ this May. Their paintings will visually explore the coexistence of humanity with nature, reflected in the transformation of landscapes and animals bringing joy and drama in some unlikely places.

Both Beatrice and Michael draw inspiration from the outdoors and the intricacies of their subjects. Michael’s landscape oil and acrylic paintings enamor the viewer with breath-taking detail and sense of atmosphere. His work finds the drama in both the beautiful vista, as well as and turns the ordinary scene into extraordinary. While Beatrice’s unique watercolors focus on animal subjects with stunning detail and dramatic background washes. With these artistic elements, Beatrice creates a feeling of the moment and a sense of revealing the inner thoughts of her subjects.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Signing a painting

Close-up on a recent signature—
"Coast Guard" Osprey
watercolor © Beatrice Bork
The topic of signing a painting comes up occasionally and the reasoning of how people sign paintings can be a personal reflection of the artist as much as the art itself. A signature, initials, symbols only on the back or nothing at all.

The first painting I had some recognition with was done in high school, and was exhibited at the NJ State Museum in Trenton through Teen Arts (which was a great program—it gave me a sense of validation of being a “real” artist). I had signed that painting with a “regular” signature, my full name spelled out in careful cursive script. I don't know exactly when that changed, but shortly after I adapted the signature I still use today. It is something I feel more “identity” with—two overlapping “B”s with my last name spelled out. I have several reasons for this signature. First it’s nod to my father who signs his art with a “G” overlapping a “B.  I like the sentimentality and connection it has for me. Plus, it is clean and simple and recognizable. I am not comfortable with a large signature, and am sometimes even asked where it is—which to me is a good thing. I don’t personally like a signature that distracts from an image I’ve worked so hard to create. I don’t try to hide it, and once you see it is clear, but I try not to be that obvious. It’s even better when I’ve been told that my paintings are recognized as mine even before the signature, which is even more of an affirmation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's ahead?

Bees © watercolor
Beatrice Bork
Some events for the year ahead are already “etched” into the calendar... In fact, some are carry-overs from 2011. My painting “Bees” is on tour with the Society of Animal Artists Exhibit — which started in Michigan last September, and is currently at Peninsula Fine Art Center in Newport News, Virginia through March 25, it will then continue on to Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida from April 12–June 12, 2012.

My first duo-feature exhibit will be in May with Michael Schweigart at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville NJ. The next one, will be a couple doors down at The Bank of Princeton which will be a special duo exhibit with my father in October. More details to come on both of these. My work is of course is also displayed continuously at Artists’ Gallery, as well as Soul Made Gallery in Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ.

Rufous-browed Peppershrike,
watercolor sketch © Beatrice Bork

I have several ideas for future paintings, and continuously work on these throughout the year. I'm always open to new inspiration as it comes. Pictured is a watercolor sketch of a Rufous-browed Peppershrike that I painted on location in Trinidad earlier this year, time will tell if it sparks a larger painting idea.

So the calendar is off to a good start and I’m looking forward to the upcoming events and what else the year brings.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What we're 2 months into 2012 already?!

I'm a little behind on blogging, because I’ve been in Trinidad, and plainly just finally starting to catch-up. So, Happy Belated New Year everyone!

I began the year in Trinidad, really nice, beautiful, lush foliage, birds and wildlife, friendly people and nothing compares to the balmy warmth of a tropical island. I spent most of my time in Arima, with excursions to places a little more “wild”. I spent time in town and visiting the market—it’s a hussling bussling place with friendly people selling some really wonderful produce and other market items. I even took in a Carnival kick-off concert. (I have yet to be there for Carnival, I hear it’s spectacular, seeing it once might be nice).

Arima Market

Carnival Kick-off, Arima

I also spent a little time in the valley parallel to the Arima, in Lopinot. The birding isn’t quite as easy as sitting on the veranda at Asa Wright, but the area is lush and green and every sighting becomes even more of an accomplishment.

Rainforest near Lopinot

 It’s actually quite easy to bird nearly anywhere in Trinidad, they have over 400 species. Right in town I saw and heard several species from the house: Palm Tanagers, Kiskadees, Bananaquits, Bare-eyed Thrush, Tropical Mockingbirds, Tropical Wrens, Yellow Orioles, Pygmy Owls, Oropendula, Blue Tanangers, Ruddy Doves, Peppershrikes and more.

Bare-eyed Thrush
 So, the beginning of this year was as great as the end of last year, I’m a little low on paintings, but not short on ideas! I worked on several sketches and have yet more research for future paintings, not to mention a few other creations I’ve been contemplating and sketching closer to home.

Photos and Content © Beatrice Bork