Monday, June 25, 2012

Positively Transparent

"Waylay in the Mango Tree" © Beatrice Bork
I'm working on arranging the paintings I'll be exhibiting in "Positively Transparent: Watercolor Meets Glass" at ArtWorks in Trenton NJ. This should be an exciting show with a talented group of artists. The exhibit will run July 21 – August 25. With an Opening Reception Saturday 4pm – 7pm.

I'm planning on showcasing 9 paintings, among them will be "Bees", which will be back from a tour with the Society of Animal Artists. It's travelled to Michigan, Virginia and Florida, and I'll be happy to display it here in my home state of New Jersey.  I plan on exhibiting paintings that have been inspired from Maine to the Caribbean. (Image: Waylay in the Mango Tree, species: Bananaquit, inspired in Trinidad).

More info. to come!

Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012

"The Attendant" Watercolor © Beatrice Bork

The Habitat Inhabitants exhibit at Artists' Gallery is now completed. I was quite pleased with our exhibit and the response to the work! Thank you all! Just to remind everyone that I have constant representation of my work at Artists' Gallery.

The Attendant depicts a scene of resting steer and their "attendant" the cattle egret in the foreground. It's a great relationship, as the cattle grazes they stir-up the insects which the egrets happily consume. It's one of the reasons the cattle egret's population is doing so well! This painting was featured on the July 1, 2010 cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.