Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hi There! #1 and #2

I have all 3 of my new macaw paintings on display at Artists' Gallery Holiday exhibit. I really had fun getting up close to these wonderful, charismatic birds! To find out more about the current exhibit in Lambertville and to see see Hi There #3, click here.  Happy Holidays!

Left: Hi There #1, Red and Green Macaw © Beatrice Bork.  Right: Hi There #2, Blue and Yellow Macaw © Beatrice Bork

Interesting note:
There is a project underway to re-introduce the Blue and Yellow Macaw back to Trinidad.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Holidays at Artists' Gallery

Join all of the Artists' Gallery artists (which includes me) for an opening reception on Saturday December 6, 4 to 7pm. This is a great chance to meet with quite a few of our artists and see a gallery full of wonderful work! This exhibit runs through February 1, 2015—in Lambertville, NJ.

"Hi There" #3 © Beatrice Bork
I will have a few new works on display including my new series of macaws. "Hi There" 1,  2, and 3. (pictured: "Hi There" #3 is a Military Macaw). These small paintings are part of a few new pieces that I've done exploring a more intimate/close range encounter.

Also displayed at Artists' Gallery this month are my original paintings: "Stalk Walk"-ring-necked pheasant, "Silent Flight"-barn owl, "Red Flyer"-cardinal, "Sun Song"-swamp sparrow, "Red-winged blackbird", "Lovie Dovie"-mourning doves, "Ah Go Ketch She Eye"-violaceous euphonias, "Twist"-white bearded manikin, and "Play Ball"-mixed breed (my dog, Buttons).  As always, I will have a selection of my limited edition prints available. To see these and more work, please go to my website: www.BeatriceBork.artspan.com