Thursday, August 20, 2009

"How do you get your ideas?"

A question I get frequently. Inspiration comes to me serendipitously, I'll see something and in an instant, I know that's the next painting... or I'll store what I've seen in the little gray cells until one day it pops back to the foreground of my mind, and I know now is the time. I may even see a scenario over and over again before that moment happens, I can't explain why it's suddenly the right time?!

If I get an idea, but don't grab onto it right away, it just goes away, and sometimes I get an idea and mull it over until the light bulb goes on and I know I need to go for it. So I observe as much as possible, do the sketches, take the photos, and stay tuned for that "light bulb" moment.

Sometimes the whole painting is complete in my mind, sometimes not, but when that moment happens I know I'm good to go, I say a little thank you, and begin to create.

"Beach Bums" Black-footed Penguins, watercolor © Beatrice Bork 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Workshop, Aug. 1

I had a wonderful time conducting a 3 hour workshop at the Hunterdon Art Museum (HAM) in Clinton this passed Saturday. It is a charming place! The class was limited to 8 students. I gave an introductory talk, the class painted, and we then went inside to do a little critique—after more than 2 and a half hours outside it was nice to get out of the sun. The students had a great foundation (as most have already taken classes at HAM). I am now looking forward to teaching a full semester in the fall, where we can really get into more detailed process of painting wildlife.