Friday, September 18, 2009

Art in the Garden

I conducted a watercolor workshop yesterday at the Leonard J. Buck Garden, in Far Hills NJ, a fantastic place to paint in the outdoors! After a rainy start the sky cleared and we were able to get some painting done, I think this is my 4th workshop? As usual it was an enjoyable experience. Thanks to all!
Thank you to Patricia Scibilia for the use of the photos

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Why Birds?"

While I enjoy painting animals of all kinds, a large majority of the subjects in my pieces are birds, I am frequently asked, "why birds?" Well, why not birds? What's not to love, the variety is fantastic! All different shapes, sizes and colors, they fly, hover, swim and run. They are vital to our ecosystem doing everything from pollinating, propagating plants, pest control, to cleaning up carrion... and "gulp" a large portion of our own food. They are present in symbol throughout history from representing gods to representing Nations. Each has it's own character and function and depending on the bird it sets the mood of a painting.

I am continually drawn back to our fine feathered friends... they are an unending source of inspiration.

"Out of this World" —Tufted Coquette © 2008 Beatrice Bork